Gonzaga Nyoni


Gonzaga Nyoni

French and Kiswahili Teacher

About Me

My name is Gonzaga Nyoni from Dar es Salaam, a new French and Kiswahili teacher here at IIS. I am a very motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated young professional with excellent knowledge and exposure in didactics of foreign languages (French and Kiswahili) aiming at providing a competitive linguistic dimension, especially to the young community who eagerly depend on our (parents, teachers, and society) guidance and mentorship. 
I am wholeheartedly ready to thoroughly prepare our children in a multicultural setting, thus foreign language acquisition would be influential in their quest of understanding better their surroundings and the whole world at large. The Chinese believe that “To learn another language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.”; Voltaire, a famous philosopher from the Century of Enlightenment, said: “If you know many languages then you have many keys to a castle.”; and lastly, but not least, “To have another language is to possess a second soul” as stated by Charlemagne, a king who united Western and Central Europe in the Middle Ages, all collectively, yet in entirely different countries and eras of human history, stress about the importance of foreign languages in our life. 
I can not sit comfortably when a child has missed an opportunity to acquire a foreign language; it is my/our responsibility to make sure they have their keys to the castle/the world.
Other than teaching and eating, I like poetry, learning languages, reading novels, playing football and volleyball, tinkering (DIY), and traveling. 
Karibu sana IIS !


  • Master of Arts Didactics/Pedagogy and Linguistics (French as Foreign Language)
  • Bachelor of Arts Linguistics and Literature (French)