Swaibu K. Walyabira


Swaibu K. Walyabira

Humanities and Social Sciences Teacher

About Me

It was in 2007, the year when I finished my A’ level courses in Geography, Economics, Business and Mathematics, that I knew I wanted to teach. After completing my college education and becoming a certified teacher, I was given the privilege to teach students in New Delhi Zanzibar, Jinja Kampala, Arusha, Dar Es Salaam and currently the Iringa International School.

My personal beliefs about education and teaching are, it should be fun, ongoing and without limitations. I enjoy teaching and helping my students to think creatively and communicate effectively. To model my beliefs, I set the example for both my students and colleagues by consistently seeking professional development opportunities. As an active member of the Cambridge Professional Learning Communities [PLCs], the BTEC & IB Senior teachers’ network, I am consistently attending numerous professional development courses, ranging from subject specific content, student engagement techniques and student assessment strategies.

In addition to my membership with various professional education organizations, I am also a certified Cambridge Assessment Specialist for both the IGCSE and GCE for AS and A’ level courses. This experience has allowed me to help my students better understand exactly what examination assessment specialist expect

Finally, I am a proud husband and father of two pre-school age sons, who are growing fast. I invite you to visit IIS and experience the commitment of our school in shaping a caring, inclusive, and rigorous institution for learning.


  • BA. Economics Geography & Business
  • PGDE. Economics Geography & Business