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School Activities

IIS students are given numerous opportunities to participate in a variety of after school clubs ranging from team sports, web design, school improvement and the fine arts. Students also participate in school day activities like class field trips, sports day and pre-holiday celebrations.

There are more than 30 clubs, student publications, community service organizations, and music and performance ensembles at IIS.

Run by students of all class years, a sample of clubs and organizations include:

  • Book Club
  • Computer Club
  • French Club
  • Math Club
  • Science Club
  • Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA)
  • Music Lessons as an Extracurricular Activity
  • IIS Footprint (Newsletter and Magazine)
  • Student Government
  • Student-Faculty Council (Stu-Fac)
  • Round Square

Sports and games have a great significance in schools as they are in some environments too. Students have to participate in school sports to increase their confidence, mental alertness, and self-esteem. Again, sports are important in schools because it teaches various skills to students like leadership, patience, team efforts, and some social skills. 

Mr. Florian Alfidio Mtilega Sports Coach

IIS Physical Education and Sports

At Iringa International School, Physical Education and Sports Programme is designed to train and nurture our students in a positively competitive sports environment in the following sports disciplines:

Badminton                               Swimming

Basketball                                Table Tennis

Field Hockey                            Track And Field

Handball                                   Volleyball

Soccer                                        Fitness

Over the years, the P.E. and Sports department has seen tremendous improvement in its human resources and infrastructural capacity to effectively support this programme. Our teams of coaches and facilitators have been well resourced to nurture students and provide the requisite skills for competitions within and outside the school.

How To Participate?

During the academic year, Students, Staff, Parents and Alumni participate and compete in various and activities during the term according to their house colours, classes or communities.

Outstanding athletes with strong academic results may be selected to represent the school at local and international competitions.

Parents or guardians, Alumni and Friends of IIS with a passion to coach, nurture and develop athletes are welcome to volunteer their time to encourage, support and build a winning athletics team.

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