Employment Opportunities


Iringa International School provides a dynamic environment where our staff have the opportunity to demonstrate excellence in a safe multi-cultural environment that aids in the delivery of quality, world-class education.  The school is committed to the educational excellence of our students through the selection and retention of highly qualified employees. We foster a climate of inclusion, dignity, and respect as well as provide meaningful professional development for continued growth.

The department of human resources serves as a strategic partner in supporting Iringa International School as an employer of choice by attracting, retaining and inspiring a workforce of dedicated professionals.

Employment Opportunities

While it is highly preferred that all required documents be submitted electronically with the application, you may mail or drop off your supporting documents. Please e-mail your documents to iringainternational@gmail.com. If you have questions about the application process, you may contact the Human Resources Manager, via iringainternational@iis.ac.tz or call +255 736 702 018.

After the closing date of a position, all applications will be screened. Applicants who advance to the interview stage of the process will be contacted.  After the final selection is made and upon the School Management’s approval, all applicants will be notified that the position has been filled.


Education and Experience Qualifications:
The Iringa International School is in search of a secondary science teacher with experience in teaching Physics, Chemistry and the Combined Sciences. The teacher should have a minimum of two years of teaching experience and hold a Bachelor’s degree in the applicable field of education from an accredited college or university. Teaching certification is preferred, but not required.

Iringa International School
Iringa, Tanzania

Date Available: August 15, 2022

Duties & Job Description:
Teachers shall be professionally responsible for the daily class management and teaching of the group(s) assigned to them, both within the school grounds and outside it on field trips or school-related activities. This would mean:

a. High-quality teaching: creating a high-quality, happy, and engaging learning environment where students are encouraged to reach and demonstrate high levels of both academic achievement and emotional stability, also implementing the teaching of thinking skills, independent study, self-discipline, responsibility and international-mindedness. Creativity and sound classroom management are given. Students are expected to show tangible, visible improvement.
b. Ensuring student progress: by addressing the target concepts/knowledge/skills that have been delineated in the curriculum, using and differentiating, as required, all core subject books and relevant materials. Materials brought over by teachers may be used in addition to, but not as a substitute for core books.
c. Assessing and problem-spotting: Regular, ongoing (formative) assessment, as well as a summative assessment of students’ progress with timely feedback, is expected. Academic and/or behavioural problems should be discussed immediately and regularly with the Principal until the problem has been satisfactorily addressed.
d. Preparedness: Planning lessons ahead of time, gathering materials, setting up experiments needed for each class and ordering photocopies/materials well beforehand, keeping a physical or digital logbook showing lesson plans for the week ahead, being thoroughly acquainted with the syllabus, materials & availability of equipment and copies of books and maintaining orderly learning space.
e. Discipline: Establishing and maintaining a conducive learning environment, with clear expectations for behaviour. No staff member may resort to any violent, humiliating or psychologically destructive behaviour on the one hand, and dependency-creating or lax attitudes on the other-whether physical or verbal. Bullying in any form is absolutely unacceptable and must be addressed on the spot. (either from Teacher to Student or Student to Student).
f. Class activities meaningful to the syllabus and curriculum: Field trips, movies, music, open-air activities, games, etc, should be planned as teaching tools which will further students’ understanding.
g. Punctuality: to be present at school by 7:30 am on school days and attend classes promptly when the break is over. Also, inform the administration as early as possible in case of illness or emergency which may prevent you from coming to work.

Apply for the position:
Please submit your letter of interest and resume via email to iringainternational@gmail.com Please address your letter of interest to the Head of School and indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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