IIS Student Life

IIS students start their instructional day at 8:00 AM and conclude at 3:00 PM. Primary students explore all core subjects in addition to other subjects like physical education, art and music, while senior students attend up to eight classes. Each day of the week, students can participate in a variety of after school clubs/programs to help keep a health balance between academics and social life.

Student Honor Code & Honor Award System

Students will vote for an honor system during each academic period to decide on whether they agree to hold each other responsible for their actions.

This allows students to be developed in high ethical standards on the basis of IIS codes, ethics and principles. Honor badges are provided to students who exhibit high standards of integrity and excellence in academic work.

Compulsory Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy Class

Students cultivate problem solving skills which allows them to actively participate in solving problems in their communities while creating business opportunities.

This provides the students with practical experience in setting up businesses and also helps students to understand how to save, invest, & spend – building healthy personal finance habit.

Student-Centered Educational Plan: Led by Parents & Students

Every term, individual parents, students, the head of school & class teachers interact to create unique paths for the academic, personal and professional development of the student.

As part of the end of term reports, students include a personal reflection, a review of their own performance and an evaluation of all school activities as well as the efforts of teachers.

Mentorship Program

At IIS, we are well aware of the fact that students in middle school encounter and struggle with social and emotional changes that occur during this transitional period to adulthood, and, as educators, we seek to help our students develop skills and disposition such as resilience, perseverance, and determination to ensure that they can problem-solve and work through challenges as well as take ownership of their learning and decisions as they grow.

The IIS mentoring program exists to provide our students with positive role models who will provide an out-of-the-classroom perspective on life and the outside world.

Job Shadowing

The IIS Job shadowing program is an experience where our students spend a number of days observing a professional on the job. The rationale for this is to help them get exposed to different jobs and professions, and help them decide which careers they would like to consider as they grow. As a school committed to experiential learning, we hope to provide context to the various career options available to our students, so they know make informed decisions regarding programs of choice and how that can impact their desired career paths.

The public speaking and mentorship program helped me understand various jobs and not be shy when talking to people.

Farhaan AmersiGrade 8 Student

The IIS Student

Excels in 21st Century Skills and Receives Mentorship.

21st Century Skills


IIS is strongly committed to the cultivation and development of the 21st Century Skills of its students. These skills include self-leading, leading others, entrepreneurial thinking, programming skills, critical thinking, problem solving and communication. 

Experiential Learning & Collaborations


At IIS, we ensure that, students have practical field experience of what they learn. It is important to engage with entrepreneurs and organizations through internships at least 40 hours every year, to validate their areas of interest and help them to apply what they learn while acquiring relevant skills for their personal development.

Differentiated Learning


As a school that envisions togetherness, our curricular and co-curricular activities have been structured to provide a wholesome educational experience for our students who mean a lot to us. We are therefore committed to helping our students achieve their full potentials by giving each student a tailored academic experience. 

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