Elizabeth Mueni Kituku


Elizabeth Mueni Kituku

Primary Teacher

About Me

Hello, I am Elizabeth Mueni Kituku and I am from Kenya. I greatly enjoy the work I do as an educator in terms of the intellectual development of learners and the school community at large. For the last two and a half decades, I’ve been working towards providing quality and excellent experiences to all children throughout my profession. I strongly believe that teaching is more than imparting knowledge, but inspiring change and that learning is more than absorbing facts but acquiring understanding. I readily create learning opportunities through inquiry and differentiation to support learners intellectually, socially, and emotionally and mostly awaken their creativity.

Having worked in four different countries in nine schools around Africa, I strongly admit that when a child in a class is placed first, a solid lifelong foundation is created before them. I believe that good teaching is about inspiring hope, igniting the imagination, and instilling a love of learning. With my vast experience in unpacking the IB PYP curriculum, I outstandingly bring a workforce through teamwork and look forward to a smooth transition for all our learners.

Professional background: Primary Education Teaching Certificate, English as a Second Language, Trainer of Trainers.


  • Bachelor of Education