Francis E. Wobusobozi

Francis E. Wobusobozi

Mathematics & Science Teacher

About Me

My name is Francis E. Wobusobozi a teacher of Mathematics and Physics. I’m blessed to have gained versatile experience in teaching with a strong background in science-based subjects as well as mathematics.

I’m a very happy and determined young professional often willing to make strong contributions in transforming learners’ lifestyles into meaningful careers for their benefit and the entire community, preparing them to address the daily challenges affecting the 21st-century learner. 

My lessons are always integrated with fun, active and inclusive learning. Embracing differentiation as a mode of teaching and understanding students’ motivation to learn, makes it more appreciable. Lastly, I am a proud father of two beautiful daughters.

I warmly invite you to IIS to be part of our progress excellency.

Karibu IIS!


  • B.Sc. Education, Mathematics & Physics