Francisco Mheguzi

Francisco Mheguzi

French and Kiswahili Teacher

About Me

Bonjour mesdames et messieurs!  

My name is Francisco Mheguzi. Originally, I am from a village called Kabingo situated in the Kakonko District of the Kigoma Region. I teach French and Kiswahili. I am much interested in languages since  I believe that, “There is no better way of getting to know about the lives and culture of other people than by talking to them in their language, and as greater unity is achieved in the world, there will be less likelihood of never needing to speak a foreign language for personal or for business communication. You will soon be competing for jobs with your neighbors and even if you never venture abroad yourself, you are unlikely to work for a company that will not be trading with at least one foreign country. The ability to  speak a foreign language is still a good business investment.” 

In my teaching, I believe that teaching is a creative art in which evidence-based knowledge is applied toward meeting the learning goals of learners. And effective teaching is done through sharing since it is because of our differences we look beautiful. Sharing of ideas will make the whole thing hence promoting achieving the targeted goals. 

In addition, through my professional, I stress improving learning and helping my students to prepare for their future. I also cater to different teaching styles that promote current-century skills. 

Out of teaching, I am also interested in church music, playing piano, singing choir, composing religious songs, and playing football. 

You’re warmly welcome at IIS. 


  • Bachelor degree of Education in Arts - University of Dar es Salaam